The Law Lab: A Diary
27 Nov
The number of disputed Wills is at an all time record high and shows no signs of abating. Have we all become more greedy or is something else driving this change? It’s fair to say that on the whole with property prices having soared to previously unimaginable levels – more and more people have an estate to leave. Meaning there is more to wrangle over. Combined with the other big shift – a rise in blended families, the potential for conflict over competing claims on a deceased’s estate from spouses and children is ever more likely. Divorce has been on
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21 Mar
Property prices in London and the South East have been booming for years now. Every once in a while there’s talk of the bubble bursting, but, whether it’s due to demand outstripping supply, or any other factor, there’s no sign of it on the horizon. Stagnant Nil Rate Band One of several major issues this causes is that when a homeowner dies, their estate is likely to face a very substantial bill for Inheritance Tax. This is because, although the law allows you to leave an amount of wealth in your estate tax-free (known as the Nil Rate Band), the
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