Family Office

Our Client Relationship team counsels individuals and their families, and closely held businesses. To help you achieve your family planning and dispositive goals, we address governance and related issues and mitigate exposure.

Our role often involves reviewing and structuring business affairs and family matters using smart techniques arising from life-changing events such as moving home, marriage, divorce or death, on a global basis.

The team is comprised of lawyers in a variety of disciplines from the firm’s Headquarter Central London offices and partner networks including Dubai and South East Asia, who use their vast experience to address an array of cross-border wealth planning and preservation matters.

Family Business

Careful planning and open communication are vital to a healthy family business. Success also often means managing family and business risks. We can help you anticipate and deal with your unique challenges, both for current and future generations.

Next Generation

Managing wealth across the generations wealth should be a blessing. However, it can also be a burden – particularly when parents look to pass wealth to their children, yet want to ensure they understand the responsibility that it entails. We know this, because it’s a story our clients tell us time and time again.

Philanthropy Advisory Services

We know that, for those wishing for a better world, philanthropy can provide a sense of purpose and happiness. The philanthropy team can help you make a difference.


The implications of investing abroad are extremely complicated and without the right guidance, support and knowledge one could end up at the wrong side of a transaction or worse still the legal system.

In countries where the political and economic structure is extremely volatile, property acquisition and investment in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Far East, Europe and the Americas has become a safe haven where one can relocate to in case of bigger turmoil.

Representation is a solution that facilitates the whole process without you having to go through any of the hassle involved. At Patron Law you will be represented by a highly qualified and competent lawyer who will act on your behalf and ensure that you get the better end of the transaction. From surveys to negotiations and transfer of funds, all matters will be conducted for you with your best interest at the heart of all dealings. Property acquisition, full family relocations, asset disposal, offshore banking, foreign securities and taxation will all be taken care of without you having to be there personally.

Business Representation

Business Representation is a solution that enables you to benefit from a ‘Proxy’ service, without you having to go through any of the hassle or travel involved, allowing you to remain where you are needed most. At Patron Law you will be represented by a highly qualified and competent lawyer who will act on your behalf and ensure that you are represented in business negotiations, high level transactions or attend meetings. The ‘pre meeting prep’ will ensure that you are able to articulate your expectations and maximise opportunities that will arise from the benefit of smart time management.

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